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“Musically speaking, S.O.M. is all about balance between its raucous electric-rock side and the timeless lilt of its traditional side... they serve as each other's spice.” (Frank DeBlase, City Newspaper)

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Sisters of Murphy live out on the Celtic fringe, molding rock, pop and traditional Irish elements into memorable, hooky, happiness.

This group of 7 souls from Rochester, NY, are growing a strong regional and international fan base, beginning with their Silverdish Records Debut EP, Holy Show in 2011, and following with 2013’s On The Wrong Side Of The Road EP.

Sisters of Murphy announce the release of their third Silverdish Records effort, and first full length CD, Working Stiffs Unite! on Labor Day weekend 2016.

On the title track, “Working Stiffs Unite!”, Sisters of Murphy portray a heartfelt theme of the struggling rank and file worker in 2016 America, against the cold corporate machine. To the contrary, other key album tracks like “L.O.V.E.” and “40 Days at Sea” express a much different message, evoking a lighter, humorous tone in the lyrics and music. The songwriters in Sisters of Murphy move between humor, heartache and seriousness throughout these 10 catchy, story driven tracks on Working Stiffs Unite!

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Working Stiffs Unite! album cover

Working Stiffs Unite! album cover

Release Date: Labor Day, 9/5/16

Track Listing:

  1. L.O.V.E.
  2. 40 Days At Sea
  3. One Word Of This Kiss
  4. Come Back to the Emerald Isle
  5. It’s A Shame
  6. Green Over Red
  7. Jack Haggerty
  8. Working Stiffs Unite
  9. “17”
  10. Katie Dear (Live)
  11. Green Over Red (Radio Mix)

Notable performances

  • Great American Irish Festival
  • Niagara Celtic Festival
  • Rochester Celtic Festival
  • Syracuse Irish Festival
  • Rochester Fringe Festival
  • Rochester East End Festival
Live on stage at Rochester's East End Festival

Live on stage at Rochester's East End Festival

A band that shines on stage

“These guys obviously had a biting sense of humor with a touch of Sesame Street. And they did not disappoint… the music was too good to sit still too. It went from tender to ribald emotionally and just grabbed and held you musically.” (Casey Carlson, City Newspaper)