The story of Sisters Of Murphy

Silverdish Record's artists Sisters Of Murphy are a Celtic Rock band hailing from Rochester, N.Y. USA. Twenty plus years and 3 releases later, Sisters Of Murphy continue to perform, write, and record their fusion of Irish inspired Rock & Roll, drawing on traditional Celtic elements with lyrical themes that range from humor and fun, to passion and perception. Legendary 3HB brew master Geoff Dale calls SOM "The most fun band going in Rochester and it is not even close!" 

Sometime way back in the early 2000's, Rochester, N.Y. natives, vocalist Mark Tichenor and bassist Bruce Lish, decided to step away from performing their original rock music to form a Irish-Celtic themed party band to play gigs surrounding St. Patrick's day to celebrate their love for Celtic Rock, have some fun, and challenge themselves on stage. Their collaborative creation, Sisters Of Murphy, have since evolved to include 7 members, a legion of dedicated fans from years of live performances, and pockets of listeners of their discography around the globe. 

Musically, Sisters Of Murphy set themselves apart from their peers by writing songs that flirt with Rock, Traditional Celtic, Pop, and Alternative elements creating a modern sound that becomes a genre of their own.

In 2024, SOM continues to perform live, with shows scheduled this spring and summer. Live suprises include new original songs being introduced on stage at select shows as well as new cover songs from legends of the genre.

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